About Us

Like many others, I have had my ups and downs in life, but photography has always been my motivation; my grounding. Photography is one of a few things I cherish most, and my hope is the photographs I provide you are moments you will cherish just the same. I have been in the photography business for over 10 years now, though each day seems like a new adventure. I specialize mostly in portrait photography: graduation,  family, pets, and weddings. I also do a lot of sports photography and travel to Oregon State once a year to photograph one of the biggest paintball tournaments along the west coast.
I find I really enjoy senior and sports photography the most. While engaged in a senior shoot, I get to express my own creativity while pausing those precious moments in time  to be able to present a photograph that both the graduate and family can enjoy for a lifetime to come. Sports are another favorite of mine because I am able to get close to the action while capturing those moments of human emotion: anger, joy, excitement, defeat…
Currently, I shoot with a Nikon D3100 and D5300. I am most likely to either be using my 18-55 mm lens, my wide angle, or 105 mm lens. I prefer the shooting in the outdoors so I currently do not have a studio. If you are looking for the studio look, however, I have the limited ability to do so. Although I own a SB-700 AF Speedlight, I use it on a limited basis as I prefer utilizing natural light. I have always worked with Nikon cameras; the moment I fell in love with photography was while using a Nikon D200 taking school photos for the annual yearbook.


When photographing, whether a person, an animal, or an old shopping cart thrown along the edge of a lake, I seem to lose myself in whatever it is I am shooting. I would describe my style as unique–I would rather go the extra mile to capture something that renders others fascinated rather than adapt to the norm. I believe that my uniqueness truly shows in my work and hope you find it just as beautiful as I do.